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A February Break Is Good For The Soul at Penrhos Park

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

It has been somewhat of an unspoken rule for people to go on their holidays during the summer months, but recently more of our guests are deciding to take shorter breaks throughout the year, which helps to give that holiday feeling all-year round. There are lots of benefits to taking a countryside holiday during February, read on to find out why!

1. Fewer Tourists

There will be fewer tourists and like-minded holidaymakers around at this time of the year, which also means there will be more space and probably much more availability for you to do exactly what you want!

For example, you’re less likely to have to book a table at restaurants in the surrounding area or even queue for prolonged periods of time to visit any nearby attractions you may be interested in. With less people around, you’re more likely to snap better photos with fewer photobombers in the background! You could get the perfect holiday snap amidst the crisp February weather; a photo you’ll keep and treasure forever.

2. Beat the Winter Blues Getting away in the colder months is a fantastic antidote to remedy any winter blues that may remain. A trip away gives you something to look forward to, especially when you’ve booked at our caravan park in West Wales, surrounded by wondrous nature and majestic scenery!

3. Admire the Countryside

Winter and spring are arguably the most beautiful times to spend in the countryside. You'll love the views of the trees surrounding Penrhos Park changing colour, crisp mornings with frost carpeting the earth, buttery sunshine in the daytime, and sunsets which cast the rolling green hills in a fiery glow.

Getting away to the countryside is a feast for the eyes at this time of the year!

4. Ever-changing Weather

We all know that weather can make or break a holiday, but as long as you’re prepared for the winter or spring elements, you can still have lots of fun! If the weather is too cold or wet to get outside, you can enjoy quality family time indoors together at our holiday park in mid Wales. On the sunny days, you can make the most of the brisk and bright weather with leisurely walks or days out in the towns and villages that surround us.

5. Unwind and Regroup A holiday at this time of year really allows you to savour the winter and spring months and enjoy them for what they are! The longer nights are perfect for a spot of stargazing or even for a simple, cosy evening in. Plus, it's a great excuse to enjoy plenty of hearty winter food from our on-site restaurant. This time of year is perfect for refocusing and setting goals for the months ahead, and a relaxing break at our West Wales holiday park is just the thing for providing clarity!

Getting back to nature when you take a countryside holiday at Penrhos Park can really help to reduce stress levels at this time of the year. Book your break today, you won’t regret it!


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