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A Treasure Amongst The Trees

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

An escape or a rural retreat amongst the trees is quite magical. There’s just something about it which is alluring...maybe it’s the tranquillity all around you, the comforting, sweet sound of singing birds – or is it the soothing rustle of leaves in the sigh of the wind? When you stay at Penrhos Park, if you choose a stay with no distractions then you can do just that. Put your phone away, switch it off for a few hours and take the time to unwind, de-stress and feel free. You’re surrounded by rolling green hills, ancient woodland and blissful countryside.

Up, Up and Away

Put your hiking boots on and wear warm, comfy clothes; pack some water and tasty snacks. Sit amongst the trees for a peaceful holiday like no other. As you’re sat on a slope of wooded valley, the sun will start to go down and as the night sets in, it’s the perfect time to head back to the beautiful log cabins in West Wales, found at our caravan site in West Wales. Comprised of a fully fitted kitchen, luxurious beds, a modern bathroom and private hot tub for ultimate relaxation time, when you set foot into your log cabin and kick off your hiking boots, you’ll be able to unwind and put your feet up as the stars in the sky twinkle above. Head to our on-site restaurant and bar, enjoy a meal from our varied and delicious menu, including our popular Sunday lunch, lovingly curated and prepared by our head chef of over 30 years. Grab a drink and indulge in deep conversation. Discuss your time out in the hills, decide what to do tomorrow. The time is yours, no need to rush.


Our caravan park in West Wales has been the getaway of choice for our guests for many years. The perfect backdrop for exciting adventures, or leisurely walks along the coast, our location means our guests interested in the outdoors can truly take the time to immerse themselves in the countryside. Of course, with colder weather settling in around this time of the year, we recommend preparing yourselves accordingly! You will need to make sure that you won’t be caught out if bad weather hits, too. As a holiday park based in West Wales, we know all too well that the weather can change quickly so you would do well to pack a rainproof coat, a warm, cosy jumper and – of course – wear hiking boots or footwear that will be manageable should the weather turn. You don’t want to end up soggy and wet but even if you do, head back to Penrhos Park and warm up in our on-site, warm jacuzzi.

Slow down, breathe and reclaim your calm during your stay with us. You’re welcome to use our on-site facilities at your leisure. You’re also invited to take some time to yourself, breathing in the fresh air and the smell of freshly-dewed grass in the morning. The time is yours, take it as you wish.


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