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Tips to Keep the Kids Entertained in the Car!

If you’re heading to us during the summer holidays with the kids this year, some of you might have a rather long drive ahead – we know our guests visit us from all over the UK to reclaim their calm and make memories at our holiday park in West Wales!

Long car journeys can be a mixed bag, especially if you have younger children. Whilst it can be a time to spend quality time together, it’s also a time where you are all stuck in a car, potentially for a good few hours, with nothing but the snacks you packed and numerous games of I Spy.

We’ve put together some tips for keeping the kids entertained on car journeys, to make your journey to Penrhos Park as relaxing and fun as possible.

Simple Car Games

Games and activities are a fantastic form of kids entertainment for car journeys, so keep it simple! Games that mean looking out of the windows can keep travel sickness at bay, but there are a whole bunch of simple, classic games you can play to keep everyone entertained such as I Spy, counting how many cars pass that are a certain colour, making words out of car numberplate letters and more!

Carefully Choose the Time You Travel

If you have younger children and your summer holiday in Wales is a very long drive away, you might want to choose your travel times in accordance with your routine at home. Planning your arrival at Penrhos Park to correlate with the children's bedtime is a good way of stopping any potential tantrums because of over-tiredness.

Plan Ahead

Fact: you can never have too many wet wipes so don’t get caught out! Pack emergency supplies of wet wipes, a few extra bits of clothing, and any medicine such as Calpol just in case the worst happens. Keep a tab on the nearest services at all times.

Make Regular Toilet Breaks

Stopping for toilet breaks regularly can be the difference between a stress-free journey and an unfortunate toilet accident. It’s also quite a nice idea for everyone in the car to get a bit of fresh air and a leg stretch every so often!

Pack the Snacks

If your kids are hungry on the journey then everyone will know about it, so make sure you pack their favourite snacks and treats – they're on holiday after all!

Toys Make All The Difference

Stock up on toys before you set off. If you’ve got a poorly or upset child halfway through the drive, a surprise visit from a favourite teddy could be the perfect cure. Be very careful not to leave anybody behind during your stay in your log cabin in West Wales as a lost teddy can be heart-breaking! Pack Enough to Fight Boredom Pack plenty of things to do in order to keep your kids happy and occupied. A good travel activities list could include:

  • Notebook and pens or pencils. Get creative! Bringing paper and pens opens up a whole world of games such as hangman or noughts and crosses.

  • Reading is a brilliant way to pass the time. You can also test your children’s memories out by asking them about specific parts of the book.

  • Music player and headphones. Music can be a great escape for everyone.

  • iPad, tablet or DVD player. From a few episodes of Peppa Pig to a Harry Potter audiobook, if you’ve got any of these handy you have plenty to keep your children busy in the car.

Hopefully, these tips will help your journey to our holiday site in West Wales as comfortable as possible! If you’ve got any questions about your stay, give us a call on 01974 202999.


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