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Make Memories with the Grandparents at Penrhos Park

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

We’re the perfect destination for all the family! At our holiday site in West Wales, we’ve carefully and meticulously planned our facilities and accommodation, from our log cabins with private hot tubs, our luxury caravans, our indoor, heated swimming pool, championship golf course, on-site playground and much more!

If you’re considering a family break, we’ve got you covered. We’re all about making memories with those closest to you, so spend your precious time off with your entire family. There are also huge benefits to a family holiday home in Mid Wales that you may not have considered, especially when the grandparents come along and experience all that Penrhos Park has to offer.

We make it easy to spend time together, meaning you have uninterrupted time to reconnect, relax and enjoy yourself to the full.

Here are some benefits of holidaying with the grandparents!

Health is Wealth:

The benefits of taking a holiday are well known, and a positive experience can be beneficial for physical and mental health. At our caravan park in West Wales, we have acres of green space to explore and lots of wildlife to observe. Go on one of the many country walks near to us and let the grandparents get their steps in while the children try to find as many native wildlife species that they can. Playtime never has to end!

Good for the Planet:

We’re all trying to be more conscious of how our actions impact the world around us, and going away together as a group is one way you can improve your eco-footprint. Rather than making several individual trips, if you go away as a family, it’s better for the environment - especially if you opt to stay in the UK.

Less Stress:

More adults can make the holiday less stressful, especially when young children are around! Not only are there more hands to help with childcare, but you won’t feel obligated to do everything together. You can split into groups and sit out an activity, and more hands gives you the chance to go off by yourself for some ‘me’ time in our on-site spa.

Quality Time:

Having the support of your parents is something to treasure. You might even get a chance to slip off for time alone with your partner if the grandparents don’t mind babysitting! It also gives you the chance to enjoy spending time with your own parents and share the magic of going away - something, we think, that should be treasured.

You deserve your holiday away with everyone to be perfect, and you won't find a better place to spend time with the whole family than at Penrhos Park.

Don't just take our word for it, our guests return time and time again to experience our place of tranquillity, nestled amongst rolling green hills and acres of green space.


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