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Golf at Penrhos Park: Friends, Fairways and Four-Irons

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The daffodils are just popping their heads above the soil, the days are stretching out a little more, and the mornings are crisp; spring has nearly arrived at Penrhos Park. With it comes the dry weather and the familiar sight of happy golfers strolling across the fairways! At our holiday park in West Wales, we are proud of our championship golf courses, immaculately maintained by our grounds keepers and surrounded by panoramic views of the Ceredigion countryside. We believe that golf is the ultimate sport; it gets the body moving and active, and requires technical skill and ability, all the while providing relaxation for the mind.

'Golf is a great distraction because it will not let you focus on anything but that ball for hours, that is one of the beauties of the game' - Golf Professional But what makes golf at our family-run caravan park in mid Wales so great? Why are our members like family to us? Let us take you on you a journey and explore the magic of our fairways...

Championship golf courses...

Ask any of our members and they'll agree that our Championship 18-hole course is the jewel in our crown. With a clever blend of challenging holes, our flagship course will prove exciting for even the most seasoned golfers. Originally commissioned by the founder of Penrhos Park, John Pugh-Evans, the course was designed by one of the UK's leading golf course architects, David Williams! Not only did he design an ambitious course, he also worked with the rural, Welsh scenery surrounding the resort to make the very most of a golfer's experience of nature. It's important to us that everyone feels included on the fairways at Penrhos Park! That’s exactly why we created our Red Kite course. The 9-hole course was named after these incredible birds of prey, native to the Ceredigion area, whose reddish-brown bellies can often be spotted flying overhead! The Red Kite course is the perfect place to ignite a new passion and discover a new hobby. Its smaller size makes it perfect for beginners and juniors, whilst still offering the full golf experience. Even for those returning to the sport looking to refresh their skills, this course is an ideal spring-board before trying your hand at the 18-hole course.

The perfect place to practice...

Our purpose built, floodlit driving range is the only one in mid-Wales, and is a well-equipped setting for all to practice their golfing talents. Whether you are brand new to the sport and just want to give it a go while on your caravan holiday in West Wales, or perhaps you are an experienced pro visiting the area - our driving range is the perfect place to practice. The facility is open seven days a week, covered and floodlit, making it an ideal range for all seasons. Plus, if you're just getting started in the sport, why not borrow a Four-Iron from us? You may find yourself on the receiving end of a helpful tip from one of our resident golf professionals!

Where strangers become friends... Our Club House has seen many a new friendship being made. Our members are an exciting mix of people from different walks of life but all with one single passion…golf. 'Love the people, love the area.' Alan Parker - Golf Club Member of 29 years

The bar is always well stocked for that perfectly poured pint or hard-earned glass of wine, there is plenty of space for all in our dining areas, and a hearty menu of all your firm favourites including our renowned, delicious and freshly prepared Sunday roast. Not to mention a smiling face and cheery welcome from our team, who are always happy to see a familiar face! There’s always room for another seat at the table at Penrhos Park, in more ways than one.

Everything you need in one place... We can not only provide you with the very best golf courses, practice facilities and friendliest clubhouse; we can kit you out as well! Our onsite professional golf shop has a small range of high-quality gear, with a much larger choice available in our online shop (which can quite easily be delivered to our onsite store within a few days). Treat yourself to clubs, gloves, shoes and so much more for the new season! To take a look at the brands and ranges we have available, click here and tee-off in style this spring.

Our golf club is the beating heart and soul of Penrhos Park. It's what our family has been passionate about for over thirty years and has been passed down the generations. Not only will you discover nature in all its glory, but you are guaranteed to make friends and stay healthy in both mind and body. If you'd like to make a change this spring, read more about our membership options here. The family behind Penrhos Park are dedicated to their golf members experience and, as a result, there is always innovation in the pipeline! Stay tuned over the next few months, 2022 has some surprise updates in store!


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