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The Best Places to Visit from the Cambrian Mountains

The Cambrian Mountains are an awe-inspiring collection of mountain ranges situated in the counties of Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, and Powys. Where landscape meets culture, this is every explorer’s paradise.

The mountains offer the perfect place to embrace unique adventure. From soaking in the starlight to embracing the thrill of a biking trail, the rolling hills and breath-taking scenery of the Cambrian mountains offer the perfect backdrop to any nature lover’s explorations.

Though the mountains themselves are a sight to behold, they are ideally situated near some of West Wales’s best attractions. With such rich heritage and scenery all around, make the most of your next trip to the Cambrian mountains by adding some of the following must-see destinations to your itinerary.


Strata Florida Abbey

Known as the ‘Westminster Abbey of Wales,’ Strata Florida Abbey is a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with rich Welsh culture and heritage. The remains of this church demonstrate the best of ancient medieval architecture and culture.

Strata Florida Abbey was built by White Cistercian Monks in 1201 and, in the Middle Ages, became known as the second most famous church in Wales. Welsh princes have been laid to rest here, and legend claims that Dafydd ap Gwilym, a famous Welsh poet, was buried under a yew tree in the churchyard.


Cae Hir Gardens

These gardens offer a serene wonderland of visual beauty that could’ve been taken straight out of a fairytale. This is an ideal visit for plant and tree enthusiasts, with six acres of wondrous Welsh hillside to explore.

When you come to the end of your walk, enjoy some homemade produce and goods at their on-site café. Now open from April 1st to October 31st, marvel at the magic of the Cae Hir Gardens.


Devil’s Bridge

According to Welsh folklore, Devil’s Bridge earnt its name because of a deal the Devil made with a woman who had lost her cow. The animal was stuck across the river, and the Devil offered to build a bridge in exchange for the first living soul that crossed it.  The woman agreed but tricked the Devil at his own game by sending her dog across the bridge first, leaving the Devil without the human soul he desired.

Today, the bridge remains a sight to behold. Having been built in the 18th century, the bridge has slowly become embraced in the vibrant green foliage surrounding it, aptly reinforcing its mystical, enchanting aura.


The Elan Valley

This is an incredible river valley that some like to call ‘the Welsh Lake District.’ Spanning across 70 square miles of lakes and vast countryside, this reservoir is ideally situated in West Wales near the Cambrian mountains.

More than 80% of the Elan Valley is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and it is a short journey from Elan Village, the only purpose-built Arts & Crafts ‘Model-Village’ in all of Wales.


Let us be your Home Base

The Cambrian Mountains have so much to offer, and their surrounding areas are just as magical. On your next visit to the exquisite Welsh countryside, you’ll need a home-base that lives up to the expansive range of scenery and culture you’ll be experiencing day-to-day.

Penrhos Park is nestled in the heart of natural Welsh wonder, offering a range of accommodation options to choose from. With an on-site restaurant, a championship golf-course and a tranquil spa, you don’t have to make any sacrifices. At Penrhos Park, your stay will be as great as the scenery that surrounds it.

Explore our options and book your stay today.


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