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How to Embrace Welsh Culture this St. David’s Day

At Penrhos Park, we are extremely proud of our Welsh heritage and feel honoured every time we set our eyes on the beautiful landscape that surrounds us. If you’re looking to embrace Welsh culture during your stay at Penrhos Park, there is no better day to visit than St David’s Day.


What is St David’s Day?

St David’s Day is celebrated every year on March 1st and is the National Saints Day of Cymru. It is a tradition dating back to the 12th century and pays tribute to the whole of Wales and its heritage.

The day is widely celebrated across Wales, and people show their appreciation in various ways. Schools often encourage children to wear costumes which consist of red and black plaid skirts, shawls, and a black bonnet for the girls, and a Welsh rugby shirt for boys.

You’re likely to find Welsh locals wearing a daffodil, the national flower of Wales that blooms during this season, or a leek upon their person. Legend claims St. David ordered his soldiers to wear leeks upon their helmets during battle, inspiring it as a symbol of Welsh heritage to this day.


How to Celebrate St. David’s Day During Your Stay at Penrhos Park


Aberystwyth St. David’s Day Parade

Every year, Aberystwyth holds its St. David’s Day parade where the title of ‘Tywysydd’ is given to somebody who has made an important contribution to Welsh language and culture throughout the year. This person will then be given the honour of leading the parade as a mark of thanks from the Aberystwyth community. This year’s parade will take place on Saturday 2nd March with a range of other events on throughout the day.


Visit Strata Florida Abbey

Otherwise known as ‘the Westminster Abbey of Wales,’ this is a must-visit attraction if you wish to immerse yourself in Welsh history. It was founded by the White Cistercian Monks in 1201, and in the Middle Ages, it became the second most famous church in Wales. Welsh princes have been laid to rest here, and legend claims that the renowned Welsh poet, Dafydd ap Gwilym, is buried under a yew tree in the churchyard.


Explore Newcastle Emlyn

This historic market town in the Teifi Valley has so much history to offer. Newcastle Emlyn Castle is believed to date back to 1240 but was blown up with gunpowder during the Civil War, although the castle ruins are still open to explore. Not only can you embrace history, but you can immerse yourself in Welsh folklore by walking through the Dragon Gates, inspired by the legend of the last Welsh dragon killed there.  


Ceredigion Museum

If the weather isn’t looking too bright, opt for a visit to the Ceredigion Museum. Set in the old Coliseum Theatre, this museum is home to a range of permanent and temporary exhibitions that showcase the wonder of Ceredigion culture. From agriculture to dentistry, from seafaring to children’s toys, there is a wealth of history to learn about.


Penrhos Park is the perfect base to celebrate all things Wales this St. David’s Day. However you choose to spend the day, we hope you have a wonderful time.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant!


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