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Start A New Hobby for 2023 at Penrhos Park

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

When you spend time at our static caravan park in West Wales, the surroundings are so stunningly beautiful and awe-inspiring that it can be tricky deciding how to spend your spare time, other than admiring the scenery. Do you choose to go walking, go for a meal in our on-site restaurant, spend some time in our heated, indoor swimming pool or visit places of interest around us? These are all hobbies that can help to improve your well-being and enjoyment while spending time with your family and friends.

However, there may come a time when you’re feeling like you might want to try something new; something different to experience and further your enjoyment of Penrhos Park. Here are a few of our suggestions:


This hobby is a twist on the traditional treasure hunt. The concept is that players try to locate a hidden container known as a ‘cache’ or ‘geocache’ by tracking GPS coordinates to a specific location. However, should you be successful and locate the spot, the rules state that you must replace your treasure with another of equal value and hide this for other players to find.


The exercise of yoga serves many purposes, from building flexibility and improving strength, to spiritual healing. There is so much to learn about the different types of yoga and there are so many routines. Try Hatha for flexibility and relaxation or Vinyasa, which is the most common form of yoga. There’s nothing better than unwinding with a spot of yoga amongst the Welsh hills!

Become a Rainfall Reader

This new hobby is inexpensive and suits all ages. It also serves the purpose of a family project, to teach your children about how the weather impacts our lives. The project involves you measuring precipitation levels whenever rain, hail or snow falls. Tools needed are simple: a plastic rainfall measuring tube and a ruler. The fact that we’re based in Wales should give you plenty of opportunities to get this equipment out and start measuring!

Try an Adult Colouring Book

This is a hobby which is perfect for a rainy day when you don’t want to venture far from our caravan park in West Wales. Get artistic with an adult colouring book, some colourful pens or pencils and get the creative juices flowing. Many books contain intricate pages of outlines for you to spend hours detailing.

There are, of course, many other new hobby alternatives you can attempt and try out, such as walking and spotting the wildlife, painting and photography. You could even spend some time on our golf course practicing your swing! The choices are endless here at our secluded caravan park, tucked away near Aberystwyth.

Penrhos Park is the ideal, stress-free location to spend holidays or short breaks. Visit us and make 2023 a year to remember!


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